Business process outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing Industry in India. Outsourcing boost your business performance at affordable prices. Sky Web Service provides all type of BPO/KPO & Back office support services. We provide experienced data entry teams to manage your online catalog work, online data entry, eCommerce product entry work at very affordable price.

Various types of Data Entry/Form Processing

Data entry from Paper/Books
Catalog Data Entry
Online Data Entry, Data Cleansing
Data Capturing, Accounting Services
Medical Form / Medical billing
Online Form Processing
Payroll Processing
Catalog data entry for online stores
Claims Processing
Insurance Claims Processing
Insurance Claim Forms
Medical Claim Forms
Application Forms

Why outsource to India?

India’s key competitors in the KPO are China, Sri Lanka, Russia, Philippines among others. The competition for India could vary depending on the work quality, quantity and reliability.

Benefits of outsourcing in India

Skilled manpower at affordable prices
Availability of cheap and efficient workforce
Investor friendly laws
Tax benefits
Better infrastructure in terms of communications

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