Product Data Entry / Image Processing

Product Data Entry

For online shopping store e-Commerce data entry is the most important part for shopping website without this it is almost impossible to get customers attention. If you’re trying to sell new items or products for your shopping website, it’s necessary to be updating your website regularly for grabs attention to customers for your online store and gets the better results.

According to your need we offer data entry for online stores (ecommerce), adding new products, catalog processing online data entry of your hard copy or catalogs, which suites your business. We provide catalog processing services for online stores/e-commerce websites. If you have needed any special requirements, we are able to fulfill your requirements. We have professional data entry operators to perform on online store managing work.

Image Processing

Present quality Images service in India. Image editing, Image Re-touching and Image processing for online catalogs etc. For your online shopping business you need high quality images for your products or items to attract attention of customers. If a customer visits your shopping website and find products with the lack of images quality then they will go to the next store. Quality Images can grab the attention of customers and it’s surely increase your business.

Sky Web Service provides following Image Processing services:

  • Image retouching
  • Image Clean up
  • Image cutouts
  • Photo scanning
  • Background Cleanup
  • Image Cropping and
  • Add Watermark on Images

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